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Should I Be In Therapy?

Are you considering seeking a psychologist or therapist for individual counseling because things are not going they way you'd like in your life? Are you experiencing couples issues and would like to feel good in your couples relationship? Psychologist Dr. Gilbert Chalepas compiled some of the symptoms and behaviors indicating that Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) might be a smart choice. If you truly feel stuck and friends, family or other self-help type options have proven to be fruitless, perhaps that might be a good time to consider professional help. Dr. Chalepas has therapy offices conveniently located in Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach. He also offers a free initial consultation so you can experience how he works with his clients first hand. Take the first step and call his offices at +1 (310) 500 8442 to schedule an appointment.

Life is just too short to be unhappy.

Are your feelings frequently overly intense and disproportionate?

Let's not kid ourselves, everyone gets up from the wrong side of the bed sometimes and is in a bad mood because something crappy happened, or gets angry, sad even tearful from time to time. These are the questions you need to asking yourself: Does what I am feeling seem out of proportion to the event? Does feeling angry, sad, tearful happen to me more frequently than it used to? Am I able to handle it as well as I used to or am I truly feeling overwhelmed or out of control? Is this behavior negatively affecting my personal and business relationships? Has what's bothering me gotten to the point of impairing or changing my ability to function effectively and productively?
While experiencing these intense feelings you may also suffer from excessive worry in disproportion to what might have happened or is about to possibly happen. Cognitive distortions and catastrophizing are common in people that are in heightened emotional state. This intense form of anxiety where everything becomes over the top and you feel ill equipped to handle it can be very toxic and rob you of your ability to handle your affairs in a calm and effective way. With the help of an experienced clinician, psychotherapy can help you deal with those unpleasant and difficult feelings.

Too negative?

Three things are at work here, rumination (over-thinking), magnification (making it bigger than it actually is), and helplessness (you just can solve it - ever). An example might be that your boss reprimanded you today. While driving home you keep thinking about it, convinced that you will fired and your spouse will leave you and you'll end up homeless without anywhere to turn much less be able to get another job.
If unchecked this type of self-destructive over-thinking and be very demoralizing toxic and lead to panic attacks and turn you into a person that avoids many things for fear of something negative happening. If your horizons are getting smaller and your sense of hope is evaporating, it's time for psychotherapy with a competent clinician. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) will help you see what is standing in your way, that way you have a choice to change it.

Cannot let go and move on?

Whether you had a major loss of someone you really cared about, or a long-term couples relationship ended up not working out or getting fired can be a big blow to our ego and really shake our confidence and sense of stability. These issues my be a good reason to seek out professional psychotherapy as you may not want to overburden friends and family past what they are able to offer.
If you find that this loss has resulted in you withdrawing from your life, friends and activities you used to enjoy. Conversely, some respond to loss  in a much more manic way by over-socializing, with friends and others around them, experience racing thoughts or may be unable to sleep for extended periods for several days without necessarily feeling tired.  Those are clear indications that it may be a good idea to speak to a professional psychotherapist or psychologist that can help you process your loss, the feelings that accompany that loss as well as provide you with tools to move towards healing. 

Do you experience frequent, unexplained aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, head, stomach, or back? Is your immune system constantly running on almost empty?

It's no secret that stress affects our bodies. When we feel upset or constantly stressed out and it's repeatedly dealt in an ineffective manner, unhealthy stress can spread like fire through bodies and show up in many different ways. Emotional distress can show up in the form of a wide range of ailments, from headaches to chronically upset stomach, colds that don't seem to go away or return all too frequently, even a lack of desire in being physically intimate with your mate.

Are you using food, drugs, alcohol or other self-destructive methods to cope? 

Have your eating habits changed? Has your weight suffered the consequences? Are you trying to cope with stuffing down your feelings or ignoring to feed yourself as a punishment or feel that you don't deserve to take care of your body? Are you currently using or thinking of using drugs more often than you used to? Are you combining using with drinking to amplify their effect? Perhaps using uppers followed by downers to just feel "normal." Drug cocktailing (using several drugs at once) taxes the heart as wells as the brain in extreme ways, upping the risk of being hospitalized, an unintended overdose or even death. Does being "cool" or popular seem more important to you than maintaining your health and wellbeing? Do you not want deal with something that is really bothering you which is hurting you? These all could be indications that you are trying to numb yourself and avoiding facing the inevitable consequences. Psychotherapy can help you uncover the roadblocks that are standing in your way.

Is your work performance suffering?

When things take a turn for the worse emotionally, that is often reflected in work performance. You may now feel that your job is repetitive, uninteresting and just plain stupid busy work, even though you used to find it fulfilling in the past.

Your concentration, attention and memory may also be suffering due to your negative state of mind. As a result your work performance may be suffering as well as your reviews may be also reflecting this negative change. This might be a sign that you need to consider psychotherapy and speaking with a qualified professional.

Have you lost interest in things your previously enjoyed and looked forward to?

If things that you used to enjoy seem to have little meaning any more, it can be a sign that something is not quite right. If you're constantly feeling tired, disillusioned, lack hope for the future and feel things are not going to change for the better, it may be times to see psychotherapy along with a complete physical exam by an experienced physician to determine what is causing your sadness and rule out any medical condition that may be the possible cause.
The psychotherapy process could help you regain some clarity or assist your in regrouping and shifting your goals and priorities in a more suitable direction.

Are your couples relationships suffering?

Is it hard for you to talk about how you really feel for fear of rejection or saying NO when you really need to? If you notice that you feel unhappy when interacting with certain friends and family on a regular basis, it might be a good idea to look into individual psychotherapy, couples or family therapy as a way to help empower yourself in making better choices as well as finding your voice and how to communicate things in a kind yet firm way so that others do not overstep their bounds or take advantage of your kindness or innocence. Self-esteem and assertiveness is also communicated through body language as well as attitude in addition to the words you use.
Self-esteem plays a huge part in our lives, in our choices, careers and how we choose to see ourselves as well as the world. Dr. Chalepas strongly believes that psychotherapy is a wonderful tool to strengthen your self-image and overall confidence.

Are your friends concerned?

At times friends and loved ones notice patterns, actions and choices that might be hard for us to see from our perspective.  Or it might be that we not willing to see because of the actions that we might have to take once we recognize a problem area.
If someone that cares about you mentions that you should seek help or asks if you're feeling ok because they're concerned, then it might be a good idea to look into it and take their advice.

Psychotherapy can be such a useful tool in our quest to increase our understanding, self-esteem, confidence, sense of balance and overall quality of life.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Gilbert Chalepas at his Beverly Hills or Laguna Beach locations for your free, confidential initial session by calling +1 (310) 500 8442.  He wishes best of luck on your journey and hope that you will share it with him if you need some assistance in making it what you would like it to be.


Why Group Therapy Works

By Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Gilbert Chalepas

Groups very often have about four to 10 participants, and usually meet every week for 90 approximately minutes. These groups can have a pre-determined existence of couple of months or be open-ended and last many years, with many members staying for the duration if they so choose.

What makes group therapy so helpful to the participants?

I would like to take the opportunity to explain.

1. Group therapy helps you understand how others often face similar challenges.

Many therapy clients, like the rest of us, worry about feeling incompetent or inadequate, and would never dare share that deep, dark secret with anyone they know socially or professionally for fear of being ridiculed or rejected in some way. In the age of social network apps, coupled with the constant pressure to be popular and have a “Fab” life, or at least on Facebook, some clients are quite hesitant about sharing how lonely they truly are, or experience anxiety about how they will never find anyone to love or be loved back. Others may also have some sort of sexual secret/fantasy that they are ashamed of or feel that no one else could possibly understand or relate to.

Group therapy can help reduce the feelings of isolation and alienation among members of the group. It creates a sense of belonging and a “I’m not as messed up as I thought” feeling by normalizing many of the everyday challenges and heartaches we come across as well as the multiple life-transitions that all of us  inevitably experience throughout life (dating, marriage, children, career, divorce, getting older, illness, loss).

2. Group therapy helps you identify needs and how to go about getting them met.

In order to experience true joy and peace, it’s critical for everyone to figure out what they need and want personally as well as professionally, and most importantly, in a romantic couples relationship. Through decisions and subsequent actions, we teach others what we are willing to allow in our lives. It’s critical to examine how things that happen, our behaviors and those of others are affecting us and having the chance to notice those can be life-altering. Group member are strongly encouraged to take notice of how they’re feeling throughout the session and discuss it instead of disconnecting with those feelings, which often tends to happen while we’re busy interacting with friends, family and co-workers.

3. Group therapy helps you relate to others (and yourself) in healthier ways.

Groups focus on how participants relate to themselves as well as others. In other words, they develop the capacity to observe themselves in the moment. That way, they are able to get a better grasp on what is and isn’t working for them. This takes place with the clinician’s as well as other members’ support and feedback.

4. Group therapy provides a safety net.

Groups led by a competent clinician can offer a safe zone, where members can practice speaking more authentically and behaving in constructive ways towards their desired goals. Clients practice these skills during group, and as they do, their confidence for practicing them outside the group grows.

In addition, when you have to report back and talk about your experience, it gives you a push to get it done so you can feel good about sharing it with people who care about you and your progress. The group become the net.

It takes strength and courage to be open to allow others into your life’s deepest and most tender secrets. The ability to take direction, apply it while being mindful of other’s feedback and feelings is a challenge that has to be properly and effectively managed in order to be a success.

It is oftentimes most helpful and beneficial to participate in both group as well as individual Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). That way one can discuss privately what come up for them during group as well as work more intensely on individual goals and issues with their therapist.


Article 1 - Quality of Life & Mental Health

Nobody’s life is a bed of roses all the time. Sometimes you step on some rather prickly thorns and other times you might even question your ability to go on another day in the same old way… Seeking professional help can be intimidating and uncomfortable…yet it doesn't have to be that way. According to statistics from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, of those experiencing moderate to severe impairment, only about half seek professional help. This is a rather surprising fact considering that in any given year, one in five American adults suffer from some form of diagnosable mental illness. You are not alone; the Mental Health Foundation states that 450 million individuals worldwide have a mental health problem.


Undeniably, the negative stigma attached to severe mental illness is heavier than those attached to other physical disabilities making recovery more challenging. As a clinical psychologist in private practice in Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach, Dr. Gilbert Chalepas, also works with individuals dealing with schizophrenia and bipolar, depressive as well as other psychotic spectrum disorders, including severe anxiety. During his career as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Chalepas has counseled countless patients in state mental health facilities which has helped him substantially increase his skill level, understanding as well as his compassion and empathy for the mentally ill.


No one working in the psychotherapy and psychiatry fields can deny the importance of properly identifying and effectively managing mental illness. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an invaluable tool for those experiencing couples relationship as well as career related challenges and the inevitable life-transitions all human beings experience throughout their lives. No one would opt to suffer needlessly, however by not getting competent professional help when necessary, psychologist, Dr. Chalepas strongly believes that one might very well be unwittingly exasperating their condition and needlessly prolonging their suffering.


Would you wait until the entire house is burned to the ground before calling the fire department? Of course not! So why wait to get help when you can deal with what is causing emotional pain much earlier and minimize your suffering? You deserve to get the help you need and make your life more peaceful, balanced and truly something you can feel good about.


Let's get one thing straight, you don't have to be crazy, weak or incompetent to need professional help from los angeles therapists, psychologists or social workers. Nor does it have to take years and cost you a fortune. You're only there because you chose to, and only for as long as you feel it's of benefit to you. As an intelligent, self-aware individual, you are choosing to make the most of yourself through effective guidance, support and accountability. That's all. All successful sports figures and highly paid executives have had coaches and mentors. Why not you? Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can help you realize amazing changes towards your goals when you work at it. Most people stay in psychotherapy for 12 to 24 sessions on average, depending on what they are dealing with.


In order to make the process of psychotherapy more transparent and inviting, Dr Chalepas offers a free*, confidential, initial session in his offices in Beverly Hills, Laguna Beach or via Skype. That way his clients can clearly see and understand, first hand, how he works and decide for themselves if this process could be of help to them. The majority of his clients find the initial psychotherapy session very valuable and decide to move forward.


The most important aspect of psychotherapy is the ability to feel that there is a connection between you and your therapist. In other words, a strong therapeutic alliance where you feel heard and understood, expertly guided not judged by your therapist or psychologist, is essential to the outcome of your therapy.


While there is an unjustified stigma related to severe mental illness, what mostly comes into Dr. Chalepas' Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach psychotherapy offices is couples relationship issues, excessive stress, self-esteem and boundaries challenges as well as the significant life-transitions that everyone goes through. It's all part of life. Psychotherapy can offer you a safe outlet to discuss internal conflicts while serving as a mirror that reflects back to you what may need some attention. Psychotherapy helps you make your life easier by increasing your understanding, self-awareness and finding more effective ways to deal of day to day stressors.


So let's get down to business; when would you call to schedule a psychotherapy appointment? That depends on your ability to appropriately manage excess stress and effectively self-soothe as well as your connection to a strong support system. If you are feeling overwhelmed despite your best efforts to keep your head above water and are unable to function in a normal and productive way, don't hesitate! That's the time to grab your phone and call a therapist, social worker or psychologist. Dr. Chalepas would gladly speak with you in his Beverly Hills or Laguna Beach offices during your free, initial session to give you a concrete map on what you would need to work on together in therapy.


For some hints as to whether you may need to engage in psychotherapy, please read Dr. Chalepas' article by clicking the following link: Should I Be in Therapy?


Clinical Psychologist Gilbert Chalepas, Psy. D.


Article 2 - Benefits of Beverly Hills CBT Therapy - 
Psychotherapy Can Help Improve Your Quality of Life

When you are free of excessive stress, worry and depression, anxiety, addictions, and other mental health problems, you are better able to live your life on your terms and make the most of your choices and decisions.

Psychologist Dr. Gilbert Chalepas strongly believes that peace of mind is not a luxury and rather a natural condition. If you are suffering with any of the above issues, psychotherapy can help release you from your emotional pain. You have to take the first step and call Dr. Chalepas' psychotherapy offices in Beverly Hills or Laguna Beach ask for the help you need, be it individual therapy, couples therapy, self-esteem therapy or coaching to overcome certain challenges that are standing in your way. Having a capable and empathic psychologist like Dr. Chalepas on your side can make a world of difference.

Beverly Hills (CBT) Therapy Strengthens & Supports Your Capacity To:

  • have healthy, loving and fulfilling couples relationships
  • make good life choices and follow-through on them
  • maintain balance, good physical health and a sense of overall well-being
  • handle stress as well as the inevitable ups and downs of living
  • discover your purpose and support your growth


Therapy Reduces Medical Costs

Several research studies have clearly pointed out that individual who receive knowledge based as well as effective psychotherapy, are less inclined to need frequent medical services. One study for example which monitored people with anxiety disorders showed that after receiving therapy, medical visits were reduced by as much as 90%, laboratory expenses lowered by 50%, and treatment costs as a whole were cut by an overall 35%.

Additional studies have demonstrated that untreated individuals experiencing mental health challenges visit a physician's office twice as frequently as others who are able and willing to secure psychotherapy services.

Disproportionate amounts of anxiety and stress are often precursors to a multitude of physical problems including heart disease, painful ulcers which can occur inside or outside the body, as well as colitis which is an inflammation of the large intestine accompanied by strong abdominal pain. Frequent and palpable anxiety coupled with excessive stress can certainly compromise the immune system, exposing sufferers to health related conditions ranging from the common cold all the way to developing cancer or other serious and life-threatening medical conditions.

Without the assistance and support of psychotherapy, psychological problems like anxiety, stress, and depression also escalate the incidence of  poor behavioral choices which often can be a major factor in experiencing additional medical problems. Smoking, frequent and excessive drinking and/or drug use, unhealthy eating choices, and irresponsible behavior can all culminate into serious physical problems and necessitate medical attention. These unfortunate and often costly outcomes can be avoided by the effective and consistent use of therapy with a skilled psychologist like Dr. Gilbert Chalepas.

Beverly Hills Therapy Is Also Good For Businesses

Businesses benefit when employees are functioning at a peak level and are free from excessive stress, anxiety and major depression. Good mental health  is linked with higher productivity, improved performance, higher work attendance, and fewer workplace accidents.

Employers have the opportunity to bolster as well as protect their businesses by selecting employee health plans offering solid mental health benefits for their employees as well as their families.

By eradicating the sources of productivity loss, absenteeism, and worker accidents, mental health services, and more specifically therapy increases a company's efficiency, productivity, and enhances the quality of goods and services provided which is a great benefit to both employer and employee.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Beverly Hills or Laguna Beach Psychotherapy offices of Psychologist Dr. Gilbert Chalepas at (310) 500 8442. 





Article 3 - Hello “Don’t Like Sex”

It seems that you are very focused on having a baby, which is a great thing however, in a marriage the husband and wife bond comes first. That is not to say that children are not significant because they absolutely are. Children just happen to fall just below the importance of a healthy and strong marriage. This only applies if you are truly interested in maintaining a happy and sexy connection between you and your husband.

Did you always not enjoy sex or is this a new development? Even though you are fairly young, have you had a recent and complete physical exam to rule out any other possibility related to your physical health, hormones, etc? Is the plumbing well suited to your house or perhaps is it too much of a good thing? Does your hubby need more pointers about his technique or actually more guidance from you as to what you find pleasurable and titillating? You do let him know, right? Because he’s not a mind reader…Sex should be about two willing participants wanting to share a special and intimate experience.

Make sure that you have good communication with your husband and ask for what you want. Anger and resentment is a passion killer and can make you physically ill. So be kind and ask for what is important to you. Finances are also another thorny subject that gets in the way of many couples' intimacy and closeness. Having to worry about whether you have enough to make ends meet certainly wouldn’t put most of us in a romantic mood.

Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable with your own body and being naked/exposed. Many people, especially women have issues around how they look, particularly if they have gained a few extra pounds. Another reason may be that sex was a dirty subject not to be discussed while growing up and you feel apprehensive about experiencing any kind of pleasure associated with this very normal function called sex. Finally, you may have had some bad memories around sex that interfere with what is happening in the bedroom today.

Life is short. Your husband that loves you deserves a willing and desiring partner. Perhaps you can contact a licensed professional to discuss some of the issues mentioned above. Or perhaps, increasing your physical activity while lowering your caloric intake may just be what the doctor ordered, you will have to make that call. You body is a beautiful and wondrous creation that you need to learn to appreciate and celebrate.

None of us live forever. Having children is a wonderful and precious experience. You would be well served to take steps to resolve this ambivalence for the health of your marriage as well as your own well-being. Fix whatever is not working so you can move on and be the wonderful, loving and passionate wife your husband dreams of because someone else just might take over your job…

Dr. Gilbert Chalepas

Clinical Psychologist - Beverly Hills Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)





Article 4 - Be Sure To Take care of Number One - First

When a woman takes care of herself and sets appropriate boundaries in a couples relationship, she in effect sets the tone for how she needs to be treated. Doing this earns her the respect of her boyfriend and future husband.  Through millions of years of evolution, men are trained to hunt and work for what they get. When a guy has to work hard for something he will appreciate it far more, so why disappoint him? By taking care of yourself, while being kind, supportive and loving towards him, you will become his forever sweetheart and he won’t want to let you out of his sight so no one else scoops you up. 

How does one do this you ask?

Make sure that you get enough rest to be on top of your game and in a good mood. Crab apples aren't sexy nor do they get the "dream boat." The choice is yours.

Know who you are and what you’ll put up with or won't. Be warm yet firm.

How we dress speaks volumes about how we feel inside. Be sure to always look your very best. When you look like a million bucks, with a great smile, you’ll be treated as such.

Your smile is your best make-up. Be sure to use its' power often, let those pearly whites shine. If your smile isn't ready for prime time, run to the dentist and treat yourself to a beautiful smile.

Don't forget to treat yourself to some very nice things on occasion that make you feel really great; just don’t go nuts spending beyond your means.

Get in the habit of asking for help, even if you don’t need any. If that makes you uncomfortable, practice with a little old lady in the grocery line for example or someone that doesn't intimidate you and you'll gradually get better at it. Do this because it will make your man feel needed and important in your life; that's priceless.

When you say yes be sure you mean it and your heart is in it, and not because you got pressured into it. 

When you say no, be sure you mean it too and don’t backpedal if pressured. No is not a bad word, when you set boundaries, people will respect you and if they don't...dump them (immediately).

If you feel that you need more help or additional support to make a difference in your life, please contact Los Angeles psychologist Dr. Gilbert Chalepas by calling his Beverly Hills or Laguna Beach Offices +1 (310) 500 8442 for free initial session*.




Article 5 - The Unexpected Benefits Of A Good Cry

1.          Crying can help lower stress levels and bring the body back to a more balanced physical and emotional state by the release of endorphins (the feel good chemicals).

2.          Tears lubricate the eyes, preventing dehydration and enabling us to maintain the health of our vision.

3.          Emotional tears shed some of the unhealthy chemicals and hormones produced by excessive stress.

5.          Tears are a natural antibacterial and antiviral which help fight off infections and get rid of germs that find their way into our eyes. This can help us avoid some colds and flues.

6.          Emotional tears help slow down our breathing and heart rate.

7.          Crying can also get us in touch with our vulnerability and our need for a loving partner as well as a loyal and compassionate support system.

8.          Tears can help open the conversation where words could not be formerly expressed.

9.          Tears can also help us emotionally connect with others and receive their support.

10.     Crying can also help us slow down and take a good look at what is working and what isn’t in our lives.